Clash of Clans Private Servers [100% Working]: Updated List

Today I am going to share the best clash of clans private servers, tested servers & 100% working. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular game, and I am very sure that you must have played that a lot, or maybe you play that till now even. So, you must be very known that, how much time it takes to gain resources in this game. Well, despite sometimes it becomes dull as well.

But what about if I say that, you will get everything like gems, gold, troops and all other resources for free? Now it started to sound interesting? It is possible now with the help of the clash of clans private server Apk download.

Clash of Clans or popularly known as CoC is the game developed by Supercell and it is one of the most popular multiplayer games. It is a very famous game for mobile devices, and there are more than 500 million users who play this game. Which clearly shows that it has a huge fanbase. And let me tell you that, Supercell, the maker of clash of clans claims that, there are more than 100 million active users daily.

Now coming to my point, you may spend months to gain resources to build your clan in the clash of clans game, but what if I told you that, you can do it within 2 minutes or 3 because you will get unlimited resources and that too free of cost.

Well, many other developers have developed the CoC private server IP. Which provides you with free resources so you can even develop your clan at the best, and save a bunch of time as well. No doubt, it is the best way to enhance your gaming experience and get something a lot more interesting and fun to improve your interest in the game.

Clash of Clans Private Servers Latest Updated

There are many private servers of the clash of clans, which are served and hosted by a third party. And let me tell you that, whenever you will search on google the “clash of clans hack private server” or the “clash of clans private server apk download“, you will see so many results on your screen, but I will advise you to get it from the website which you feel is the most genuine otherwise it will unnecessarily cause you the data loss and nothing else. The reason I thought to start one website which will share 100% working clash of clans server.

I was like, “why to suffer others whenĀ  I faced the same issue”. Anyways, without taking an extra second let me cover all the working servers below. Stay tuned and watch it in action.

Clash of Magic Private Server

clash of magic

App NameClash of Magic
Requires Android4.1+
OriginalGoogle Play
Last Updated12th Jan 2020

Clash of Dreams Private Server

clash of dreams apk

AppClash of Dreams
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
ServerPrivate Server
Last Updated8th Jan 2020

Clash Of Light Private Server

clash of lights apk

AppClash of Light APK
Size80MB - 156MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
ServerPrivate Server
Last Updated8th Jan 2020

Clash of Souls Private Server

Clash of souls apk

App NameClash of Souls APK
RequiresAndroid 4.0
Last Updated6th Jan 2020

I hope that you must have got a clear idea about the Clash of Clans Private Servers. So, now let’s move further and take a look at the most amazing and exciting features of the Clash of Clans Private Servers.

Clash Of Clans Modded Server Features (In Common)

There are so many exciting features which make the clash of clans private server apk a lot more interesting and worth playing. So, let’s check out its features which helps us to enhance the fun in the CoC private server.

Unlimited Resources

In the private server clash of clans, you will get free gold, free elixir, free dark elixir, free gems, and even all the other resources are completely free for you. And the best part is that all these resources are unlimited. So, you are surely going to get the most amazing and interesting game, with all these unlimited and free stuff for sure.

Clan Feature

So, the clan feature is one of the best features of private clash of clans server. It allows you to join a clan, or even create one, and chat with other people, and if you have ever played the clash of clan earlier, then you must be aware that, this game could be enjoyed a lot more when you create or join a clan. So, it is one of the best as well as the most amazing feature for you for sure.

Town Hall 12, Builder Hall 8

The town hall 12 is the latest version of the clash of clans, and let me tell you that, all the private servers offer you the very latest version of the clash of clans the town hall 12 and the builder hall 8.

Regular Updates

The developer of every private server is working very hard to provide you with the amazing experience, and that’s why, they give their best services to provide you with the regular updates so that, your gaming experience could be enhanced.

Final Thoughts!

These are some of the best of the clash clans working private servers. I will share more servers soon on the above list. If you enjoyed reading and download any of the above clash of clans private server then please share it with your friends. Also, let me know your feedback in the below comments. If you facing any problem related to COC server then feel free to ask in the below comments. Have a good day :-).


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