Download Clash Of Clans For PC / Laptop: Windows 7, 8, 10 & MacOS

Clash of clans is an immensely popular game for both IOS and Android, which has given the gaming world a different direction! If you are about to enter the world of Clash of Clans, here are a few things you need to know about the game. So welcome to the fantastic world of Clash of clans!

Clash of clans is all about building, attacking, and defeating your enemies. This game has brought a different level to the gaming experience — the Clash of clans, published by Finnish game developers Supercell. The game is available for Android on Google play store with 51 million players. Clash of Clan is a mobile video game, single-player or multiplayer, depends!

What is Clash Of Clans?

Clash Of Clans is an Android video game based on a theme- Persistent World. The task of the player is to build a town with all the resources. In the game, the player is a chief of the village. Now to create the city, the head or player has to gain support by defeating and attacking different players in the game.

The most enjoyable thing which makes the game more addictive is you can create Clans that are a group of players, consisting of a maximum of 50 members, unite so that players fight against the enemies together. You can combine with any player from any part of the world. It brings immense joy to the game. Make new friends and defeat your enemies!

Donate the troops if your team player needs and borrow if you need it. The most fantastic thing is that you can chat with your co-players during the game so that you can create strategies against your enemy, as the game is online. To build the town, you and your team need to earn four currencies by defeating the enemies.

You don’t need to always play with a team. You can play solo as well, which is called Pseudo – Single – Player campaign. Defeat numbers of goblin villages and win them by earning Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. It is the reward. To build your town, you need to get resources. Primary resources are Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Now let us see how we can utilize these resources to create your town.

What are the Primary resources of the game?
  • Gold and Elixir: Gold and Elixir acts as protection for a player from another player. Gold and Elixir helps to build and reload defenses against the attacks of other players and making the storage for Gold and Elixir
  • Elixir and Dark Elixir: Elirix and Elixir Dark is utilized for upgrading and training spells and troops
  • Gems: We can say Clash of Clans is all about Gems! Gems in the Clash of Clans is the premium currency.

Clash of Clans is all about build, attack, defeat, conquer! But your entire process of victory is based on buildings, Troops, and Spells, Base. So to play the game and win and build your town! We first need to understand the resources very well!

Resources of Clash Of Clans :


Buildings here in the Clash of Clans are quite different from our definition of buildings. The player needs to build Gold storages and Mines to Store Gold in the Game. And after earning Elixir, to store Elixir, players have to develop Elixir collectors and Elixir storages.

Other than building Elixir Collectors and Elixir Storages, Elixirs are to carry our researches in Labrortary for upgrading troops and training of new soldiers. And Gold is used to construct buildings for Defense and to enhancing the town hall to create new structures and raise the levels of existing buildings.

Now, what is Dark Elixir? After reaching at town hall 7 in the Game, Dark Elixir becomes available. Dark Elixir is to upgrade and train troops and heroes. You have to build Dark Elixir Storage and Drills to store dark Elixir in the game.

Troops and Spells:

The Clash of Clans has two types of Barracks. Barracks and Dark Barracks, while two kinds of Spell Factories are Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory. Creating the troops, Dark Barracks create soldiers using Dark Elixir, while barracks create soldiers using Elixir.

In Spells factories, Dark spell factory produces soldiers using dark Elixir and standard spell factory using Elixir. As the player upgrades and prepare further in the game new troops and spells are unlocked for the game

Clan Wars:

The clan is the most fantastic feature of this game! In Clash of Clans, Clans are the group of players across the world who creates and join together either by sharing troops, means by donating and receiving forces, or by giving advice verbally.

After building the individual Clan Castle building, Players can join the Clan. Clans can make wars against each other or against other Clans. When players successfully attack a member of another Clan, then they receive a star based upon the destruction, for 50 % damage, and more one star is a reward. If they destroy the entire base the 3rd Star is an award. Its all a star game! Every player can attack only twice per war and the team or Clan with most Star is Declared as The Victorious

Download Clash Of Clans For PC:

Though the developers of Clash of Clan has not developed any file for the PC. But don’t worry, it is not impossible. We can enjoy the game on PC using some tricks. You may have wasted your valuable time searching Clash Of Clans for PC as all the sites available are full of bluffs and useless content. We wish to play this game on the big screen of our PC’s.

Playing on your Laptops will give you access to a big screen where the game becomes more enjoyable, and you can get a good view or a more comprehensive view of your Game.

Downloading the game on mobile is very easy, go to the play store and Download! While downloading on PC’s is quite tricky, but it is easy too! There is no difference in mobile or Pcs. If you wish to enjoy the thrilling game on your PC, then here is the trick! The answer to your question, How to Download And Install Clash Of Clans For Pc? is here. Just follow these steps. You are all headed to Instal your favorite game!

  1. If you do not have an Android Emulator for your PC. Then you first need to Install a decent working Android Emulator. Download the Bluestacks or KO Player as they are the best and most recommended ones.
  2. After downloading Bluestacks or KO, install it on your PC. This process will complete within a few minutes.
  3. After the Android Emulator, Download. Now download the clash Of Clans APK file on your PC
  4. After the installation process of Bluestacks is completed and COC Apk downloading is done. Refresh your PC and Open the Blusestack
  5. Now Go to My App section and open Play store
  6. Log in will your Playstore Gmail id
  7. Search for the COC APK file on your PC, soon after getting the file drag and drop it to Bluestacks
  8. Install the game by clicking on Install option just like the way you installed the other Android Games on your PC
  9. The Download will take a few seconds, after completing you will get the notification as the Installation process is finish
  10. Now open the Game and Log in
  11. Here you are! Just forget about the rest of the games and start playing your favorite one! Clash Of Clans On Pc with a bigger view and lots of fun!

Installation is indeed straightforward, no long hours, and awaiting! Now you have more power to your game! Build! Destroy! Conquer! And gain lots of Gems! And don’t forget sharing the game with your friends so that you can make your Clans and Take charge of the Rest of the Teams! Rock the Game on Your Pc!

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