Download 100% Working Clash Of Magic APK Latest Version

Looking for a clash of magic apk latest version? Then, today I am going to discuss a bit about the clash of magic and its servers and will also share the download link for all servers as well.

You must be aware of one of the most popular came, clash of clans, but it is quite a normal thing if you got bored from playing the same game again and again. I am aware that you also don’t like the limitation of resources, and don’t want to follow the rules implemented by supercell in this game.

Are you looking to play something new?

You don’t need to worry folks, as today I am going to tell you about the latest technologies related to this wondrous game. And it will surely make your gaming experience more fun and joy. Let me clear that, I am talking about the private servers which have been hosted by the third party and not the supercell. And one of the best private servers is the clash of clans magic.

Let’s get to know a little more about it.

About Clash Magic Game 2020

clash of magic

The clash of the magic app is one of the private servers which is hosted by the third party unofficially. It is quite the same as the original game, but there is one difference which makes it a lot more exciting. In this game or I should say the private server, you are going to get unlimited resources including the gold, elixir, gems, dark elixir and a lot more. There are many other private servers as well which provides you with great gaming experience. But I am going to tell you why you should use this server above all.

The clash of magic for Android has 4 different servers namely S1, S2, S3, and S4. And with the help of these servers, you are going to get the complete collection of the features which are only available to you in the premium version of the clash of clans.

And with the help of these servers, you can simply modify anything you want, and you didn’t even require a premium account for this. So, now let’s check out the clash of clans magic APK servers.

Game Features

For now, I will mention in the same context will not share any additional info. This is because I am giving you an option to explore it yourself. Also, if you did then I have something special gift for you. Let me know your findings in the comment.

Dark ElixirUnlimied
TroopsNormals, Builders,Villagers
Building TimingZero

If you have checked the above table, you see almost everything is unlimited. But this is not the exact case with all servers. I mean you will get unlimited in two of the server but not in all four. The limitation is there because to give some limitations to several servers. Also, some players do not want everything unlimited. So for the reason being there is a limit. You can check all the information in the individual game server information.

Download Clash of Magic APK Servers

Below I am sharing the information about the game and then below that you have the options to choose the server which you want and then follow the installation guide. So stay tuned.

App NameClash of Magic
Requires Android4.1+
OriginalGoogle Play
Last Updated12th Jan 2020
Types of Clash Magic Servers

There are 4 major types of servers that provide you with different features so that you can get complete fun and joy.

  • Clash of Magic S1
  • Clash of clans magic S2
  • COC magic S3
  • Clash of magic S4

Server 1 (Black Magic)

Server 1 of the clash of magic is also known as the Black Magic. You can simply find it free of cost on the internet. It is highly modified and flexible, which means you can very easily create heroes, custom buildings, etc. It also helps you in providing unlimited resources which even includes the gold, dark elixir, gems, elixir and many more this you can get in clash of clans hack version too.

Server 2 (Hall of Magic)

The clash of magic S2 is also known as the hall of magic. It is quite the same server as the first one. It is also very highly flexible and modified. With this server, you can create custom buildings with zero building time. It also provides you with unlimited resources. But the best part about it is that it is a lot more speedy than the above one.

Server 3 (Power of Magic)

Clash of magic S3 is also known as the Power of Magic. It is a less modified server than the previous ones. It even provides with limited resources as compared to the previous ones. But let me tell you that, this less modification is also beneficial to increase the speed of the server. So, you can simply get it from the internet without even paying a single penny.

Server 4 (Power of Magic 2)

The Clash of Magic S4 is also known as the Power of Magic 2. This is not at all a modified server. You will find it like a real game. It doesn’t even provide you with unlimited resources. And in this server, the custom creating of heroes and building is not allowed, so if you are looking for unlimited resources, then let me tell you that, this server is not created for you. There are no unlimited resources in it like the elixir, gold, dark elixir, gems or anything else. So, please don’t go for this server if you are looking for anything unlimited. So, you can just download the above servers if you are looking for unlimited gold, elixir, gems, dark elixir or anything else.

Now, let’s move further and get the answer to why you should go for a clash of magic download APK.

How to Install Clash Of Magic on Android and iOS?

Installing the server is not tricky, moreover, I say it is very easy to install the game server. You need to only follow the below sets of steps and you are good to go with the game. So, if you are ready to move ahead then check out below.

  1. First of all, download your favourite or desired server from the above list of four.
  2. Enable the installation from “Unkown Sources” in your android phone security settings.
  3. Install the server or clash of the magic apk file.
  4. Give all the permissions which are required.
  5. Open the game and do not update it ask.
  6. Done. Enjoy the game.
System Requirements for Clash of Magic Servers

Now let’s have a look at the below system requirements to play with clash magic servers. You need to match the below conditions else the game might create problem your device will end up hanging.  This is for Android devices because most of the users are Android users.

  • Android version than 4.1 is required.
  • Must have at least 86 MB of Free Space.
  • Supports all types of screen sizes.
  • Requires the status permission of your phone.
  • Requires permanent access to media resources.
  • Must have wifi access and given wifi permissions.

Why Download Clash of Magic APK?

As I have already told you that there are a lot of private servers which provides you with unlimited resources, but there are certain reasons due to which you should choose the clash of magic. So, the very first, as well as the biggest reason, is that it has 4 different servers. And all 4 of these provides you with different features. So, you can get something different in your game every time. And that’s the reason that you are never going to get bored with this game. As you will get something different every time you play clash of clans magic.

Another reason is that the servers of the cash of magic are very powerful. And it provides you with high speed and that too without any resistance. And the best part about it that, it provides you with unlimited resources and that too completely free of cost. You can easily make custom buildings and heroes with the help of these private servers which even makes your gaming experience a lot more wonderful. So, if you are looking to enhance your gaming experience, then it is the right thing for you for sure.

Now, let’s move further and check out some of the differences between the Clash of Magic and the original game.

Difference Between the Clash of Magic and the Original Game

The original version comes with a limited number of resources like limited gems, limited building, dark elixir, gold, elixir, and other things as well come limited in number. And let me also mention that the supercell hosts the original version.

Whereas, on the other hand, the third-party server actually hosts the clash of magic which comes under the private server which is quite clear by its name as well. It provides its users with unlimited resources like gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir and a lot more as well. And it even provides its users with a lot more fun as well as joy while playing this game.


After discussing each and every aspect of the Clash of magic server, I can say that it is one of the best servers available in the market which provides you with different flavours or I can say different features in the form of different servers. So, it provides you with different options according to your choice from which you could choose any server you want according to your preference of game you want to play.

I can conclude that it uses more high speed, and it is powerful as compare to other servers and the best part is that, it is absolutely free of cost server as well. The major advantage of this server is that it is very simple and easy to install and operate on your phone as well as your PC.

And let me tell you that, you don’t even need to uninstall the original game before downloading this server. Also, you don’t even need to root your device for the proper working of this server. As it could provide you with the most amazing gaming experience without even rooting your device as well. After all, it uses the latest technology which doesn’t require a rooted device to run this server. So, you can enjoy it at its best without any interruption.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1: Is it safe to download clash of magic?

A1: Yes, you can download it without any worry. The game is free from viruses and is safe to use.

Q2: Can I lose my clash of clans account if I download clash magic?

A2: Clash Magic and COC both runs on different servers thus they cannot interfere in exchange.